B E S P O K E   J E W E L L E R S

S I N C E   1 9 7 7

H A N D M A D E   I N   E N G L A N D 

We have crafted these pieces as bespoke commissions in the past. 

We would be thrilled to provide you with a cost estimate for a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by the designs below.

Joy's 9ct Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring

Jane's 9ct Yellow Gold Peridot Twist Ring

Joel's 18ct Yellow Gold Family Crest Signet Ring

Armando's 9ct Yellow and Rose Gold Bespoke Cross Pendant with Ruby

Sandra's 18ct Yellow Gold Bubble Pendant with Champagne & White Diamonds

Melissa's 9ct Gold Family Coat of Arms Signet Ring

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W H A T    M A K E S   

S  I  R  E  S   U N I Q U E ?

SIRES is redefining the way we think about jewellery, creating designs to be worn, worn to be seen and seen to be believed. Jewellery that feels this good and made this well will be treasured for generations.

Sires carved initials & sealed engraved Family Crest rings made to order

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Perfect gifts, right for the occasion, in tune with the times. Beautiful jewellery should be accessible to all, not just for the privileged few. Everyone deserves to be adorned.

All pieces are hand-crafted with precious gemstones and precious metals.

SIRES Cufflinks

Designs can be made in Silver, 9ct & 18ct Yellow, White or Rose Gold.

Sculpted Pendant 

Pride of Scotland

Scottish Majestic Stag Cufflinks

Pride of Wales

Welsh Dragon Cufflinks

Pride of England

English Lion Cufflinks

Also available as Signets, Pendants & Lapel Pin

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